America Will Burn


After several intense dreams and divine visitations, Franklin Minor has pulled together one of the most riveting end time books made to order by the Holy Spirit. This end time prophetic announcement has been ripening, and is now  being fulfilled by the power of the spoken word. Giving heed to what is coming upon this great nation called America, believers and unbelievers alike can take solice in the redenptive power of God and his uncomfortable yet necessary plan for their lives. Prepare now your hearts for a shift, a complete one hundred and-eighty degree turn to a history not only being made, but lived by you and I, right here, right now.

A major protest in America will become a national revolution that will cause America to burn.  "The government will be busy with them...then they will strike America."  Franklin Minor.

Sign of the Times

The wait is over. "America Will Burn" is a riveting capture of how America will relinquish it's power so that God's plan for the end may come.


The Rapture in thrilling detail. " It felt like a burning sensation, with flashes of lightning. I felt my spirit

pulling away from my body".

Prophecy Being Fulfilled


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