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Family Care for                    Family by Family


We provide a home away from home experience and care for our residents, We encourage and support resident's independence, We provide direct care with a high level of competency.

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Physical, mental and spiritual fitness are core aspects at any stage of life. We provide unlimited options within the scope of our elderly population needs and tolerance. Our activities are structured to suit the personal needs of each client, whilst providing avenues that allow for interaction, bonding and fun. Some examples of the activities are: chair aerobics, walks at the park, visits to the museums, dining out, shopping. 




We provide an at home experience which promotes a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for the staff, residents and family members. We provide weekly/monthly meal plans. The meals are prepared and cooked fresh everyday, catering to each client's preference or dietary restrictions. We offer complimentary tea, coffee and snacks. You are welcome to dine with your love ones< this we believe this will provide an avenue for interaction with staff, resident and family members.



At Infiniit care, it encompasses an array of amenities with the warmth of home.

  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments and outings.

  • Housekeeping and laundry

  • Concierge doctor visits, for those who wish to participate in this service.

  • Organized games and prizes.

  • Scenic drives